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Products & Services

We have 3 different gutter systems, The Rainhandler, The Lincoln system and The Lexus system.

Rainhandler (ECONOMY grade) is a seamless gutter manufactured with a lighter gauge material, using an inexpensive hidden hanger.

Lincoln system (midgrade) a seamless residential grade with a superior grade hidden hanger and a hotdipt tech fastener (recommended in most residential applications).

Lexus system (HIGHLINE) a residential size gutter manufactured with a commercial grade of material and a "monster" hidden hanger including a hotdipt tech fastener (Recommended in specific circumstances).

Gutter/Leaf Protection

We have 3 types of leaf protection, Waterfall, Gutter Klean, and Gutter guard.

Gutter guard– is an economy grade of leaf protection that will keep most items including oak and maple leafs out of the gutter system, however some of the smaller debris from trees can become entangled in the protection resulting in some maintenance being required.

Gutter Klean- is a midline to high end product that has proven to keep most everything out of the gutter system. It lays flat on the gutter system and is reinforced with the systems hangers, virtually not visible from the ground, this product does not interrupt the shingles or roofing material, which means it will not void your roofs warranty . It has passed all of our bench, and field tests with results that we have never seen surpassed with even the most expensive products on the market today.